In Rauma, history meets the present – Today, Rauma is a lively and friendly industrial and cultural city with around 40,000 residents.  

High-quality services and a pleasant and safe living environment are the strengths of our city. According to a regional town study carried out in 2019, Rauma is clearly the most attractive and unique town in Finland. Our strengths include a rich cultural scene, a range of leisure activities, and a vibrant town centre. Our two UNESCO World Heritage Sites and the proximity of the sea attract visitors from all around the world. 

Rauma allows you to travel back in time; when you walk around in Old Rauma, you are actually exploring the largest unified wooden town in the Nordic countries. Service in the charming specialty shops is something you’ve never seen before. 

The archipelago of Rauma is the heart of the Bothnian Sea National Park, which is Finland’s largest protected area of the Baltic Sea. 

Get to know the basics

The City of Rauma was founded in 1442 and is the third oldest city in Finland. The City has developed from a small village into a lively industrial and cultural city with around 40,000 residents. 

Rauma is home to two Unesco World Heritage Sites – the unique Nordic wooden town of Old Rauma and a Bronze Age burial site called Sammallahdenmäki. 

Career and Study Opportunities

Rauma is a city of thousands of new jobs. Business is blooming, and in the near future, jobs will be created, for example, in the maritime, forestry and service industries. Entrepreneurship is also on the rise in Rauma, and the city’s business services assist aspiring entrepreneurs in setting up new businesses. 

Rauma is a versatile college town with nearly 2 550 graduate students and full-time researchers and teachers 170 of them. There are university degrees for many tastes and needs as well as research and development units to accelerate the development, needs and competitiveness of both business and public sectors.

Hear it from Someone Who Did it – Anton Zander, ALFA Laval

Watch as Anton Zander explains how he made his way from Germany to Rauma, and what three things he considers the best Southwest Finland has to offer.

Come and experience easy living in Rauma! – A Word from the Mayor

High-level services and low taxation are the strengths of our city. We want our economy to remain strong and vibrant so that our residents can safely build a life here. 

We who live in Rauma are extremely lucky because our rich history and city culture, Unesco World Heritage Sites and the proximity of the sea provide us with a unique living environment. 

When you explore the city, you will probably come across our distinctive dialect. Our slogan ‘ol niingon gotonas’, which translates to ‘make yourself at home’, sums up our essential outlook on life. We want our guests and new residents to feel at home. 

We hope you’ll come and explore the relaxing surroundings and fall in love with our lovely town.

Johanna Luukkonen, 
Mayor of Rauma 

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