Turku is the oldest city in Finland, with over 800 years of traceable history, that right now is home to high-tech companies, top-notch universities, and a vibrant cultural scene, including theatres, music and sports.

As the biggest city in the region, Turku is uniquely equipped to lead the global effort to combat climate change, and the city boasts the most ambitious climate goal in the world, namely that of being completely carbon neutral by the year 2029, just in time for its 800th birthday. The goal is well on its way of being achieved through things like developing new buildings and areas of the city that are carbon positive in their overall impact.


Historically, Turku has been Finland’s gateway to the West. The city’s location has meant that it has been hub of transnational logistics and flow of goods for centuries and it retains that status to this day. The city’s history is visible not only in the buildings, streets and sights, but also in the various museums and galleries that display and continually explore the exceptionally rich and storied past Turku has. The historical beauty of Turku is compounded by its breathtaking nature, such as the Turku Archipelago, a UNESCO-designated site, the river Aura flowing across the city or the numerous parks and nearby outdoor areas.


Unsurprisingly, the maritime industry in Turku is huge. The city also focuses on life science, pharmaceuticals, cleantech and the entire gamut of IT from AI and robotics to data science. This means that Turku is home to innumerable career opportunities for international talents and an extensive network of both public and private actors to help support those coming here from abroad. The six institutes of higher education also provide a wide range of work and study options. The city and several public and private organisations, such as the regional development company Turku Science Park Ltd., support the bustling startup culture in Turku and offer valuable support to anyone wanting to become an entrepreneur or grow their existing business.

Helping immigrants settle in and integrate is a hugely important focus area for the city. Turku provides immigrant services in various languages with the aim of making the services as approachable and easy to use as possible. The aforementioned network also helps connect new incoming talents with their peers and company representatives. The support can mean anything from providing housing to helping to understand taxation and connecting with professional networks to facilitate job-seeking.


Jennifer Hunt, the Head of Bayer’s Product Supply Center in Turku, is a seasoned professional in the life science industry. Hear what she has to say about Turku and Southwest Finland after coming here from the UK.

Bayer is a major player in Turku, and they send the following wishes to any international talents looking to come to Turku:

At Bayer, you have the opportunity to be part of a culture where we value the passion of our employees to innovate and give them the power to change.

For more information, go to www.bayer.com

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