Uusikaupunki is an idyllic coastal city halfway between Turku and Rauma. Despite its name, Uusikaupunki (Newtown) is over 400 years old, and there is a population of about 15,500 living in this vibrant city with its wooden houses. This small city offers diverse housing opportunities for families and couples, and its status as a powerhouse of industry jobs and exceptional growth provide just as many career opportunities.

Uusikaupunki may be small but it is an authentic old city, whose services and urban structure form an urban living environment. In Uusikaupunki, people have the opportunity to live in a city apartment building, or settle down in a rural environment, not to mention the opportunities that living by the sea offer. The city’s relaxed atmosphere and diverse leisure and cultural opportunities create an excellent base for a good life. Uusikaupunki city centre is compact so all services are located close to each other. Short distances also mean that people have more time for themselves and their family. Atmospheric small boutiques in the city centre and seaside restaurants serve their customers with a smile, especially during the summer when the city is teeming with tourists.

Amongst friends we call our lovely city Uki.
A warm welcome to Uki!


Fun (and useful) facts:
– The city has as much shoreline as the whole length of Finland.
– Our companies employ about 90 different nationalities.
– There are approximately 2,400 companies in the city.
– There are over 4,000 summer cottages.
– Within a one-kilometre radius in the city centre area, there are more than 600 old, carefully restored wooden houses.

The growth in the number of companies and jobs in Uusikaupunki has been exceptionally fast in recent years. Workplace self-sufficiency in our region has risen and there are now 35% more jobs in the city than there are working-age people. The number of companies in the region has also increased by almost 10% in the last four years. The business base in Uusikaupunki is very diverse, and although the largest number of jobs are in the industry sector, new companies have been created, especially in the trade and service sectors.


The rapid economic growth in the area has created a need for a lot of new workers and migration to the region has increased. Migration has enriched the population of Uusikaupunki in a great way, and there are now more than 100 different nationalities living in the area. We have a strong sense of community and that is why it is easy to enjoy living here. The city also makes every effort to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to build a good life in Uusikaupunki that suits them.

The number of jobs in the city has grown at a record pace in recent years. Valmet Automotive’s role as an employer is significant for the whole of Finland, but the demand for labour is extensive and diverse in other companies as well. The flagship of the Finnish fertiliser industry, the Yara manufacturing plant, is located in Uusikaupunki, and Vahterus, a nationally awarded company from Kalanti, manufactures heat exchangers for the international market. A special feature of Uusikaupunki is also its strong fishing industry. The city is home to one of Finland’s main fishing ports. Here the fish are used in many ways, so much so that it is the only place in Finland to produce biofuel from the fish cleaning waste.

HEAR IT FROM SOMEONE WHO DID IT – Grigory Konkov, Vahterus

Grigory Konkov works with sales and exports at Vahterus. Originally from Russia, Grigory was drawn in by the high-tech work the company does and the openness of the working culture. Uusikaupunki, for him, is a stimulating and supportive environment. Find out why below: