About the Talent Call Turku -trip

The top six talents won a family trip to blooming Turku region on 18–24 August 2019.

As the idea of moving and settling in to a new country is always an intricate question, the possible partners and kids were invited as well. During the week-long visit, the esteemed guests made new friends and discovered what Turku region had to offer in terms of work, schooling, hobbies, services, amusement, nature and more.

Highlights from the Talent Call Turku 2019 -trip:

The trip program:

Monday – Introducing Turku
Welcome reception
Riverside Walk
Lunch at Panini restaurant
Company visit – PerkinElmer
Seikkailupuisto Adventure Park for families

Tuesday – Nature & Sauna Day
Company visit – Silo.AI
Trip to Vepsä Island with Finnish Sauna

Wednesday – Education Day
Visit to Yli-Maaria Ypsilon – School and Kindergarten
Work in Finland -lunch
Visit to Deliverde Puutarhat Oy
Dinner with local talents – hosted by the city of Kaarina

Thursday – Moomin Day
Company visit – Clewer
Lunch hosted by the city of Naantali

Friday – Maritime Day
Company visit – Meyer Turku Shipyard
Lunch on Ruissalo Island
Museum Ship Sigyn
Forum Marinum Maritime Museum for families
Farewell Dinner at E.Ekblom restaurant

Host during the trip is always approachable, impressive, versatile, innovative and stunning.

That’s the city of Turku, Finland.

You may contact us with any questions: