What is the Talent Call contest?

Talent Call is a contest aimed at professionals worldwide looking for new career opportunities. In the spring of 2019, the call was for professionals in cleantech, creative, health, maritime and tech fields – the growing business clusters in Turku, Southwest Finland.

On 2019 the city of Turku invited five talents and their families to get to know the (B)oldest city in Finland. In 2020 we were going to reboot the Talent Call contest but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the plans had to be postponed. In, 2022 we are more hopeful and excited that we may yet have the opportunity to realize all of the new ideas we have planned. So we are eagerly pushing forward the plans for the biggest and most exciting contest for international talents: Talent Call Southwest Finland!

If all goes well the winners of this year’s Talent Call will not only get to know one city in Southwest Finland, but as many as five!

There are already more than 20 000 businesses and 130 000 jobs in the Turku business region alone, and thousands of new experts are needed annually. Economically, socially and environmentally sustainable growth ensures that Turku is a good place to live and succeed together. Its assets include diversity, dynamic businesses, active cooperation between different sides of the society, high-quality offering in education, culture and services along with a beautiful, clean nature by the Baltic Sea.

Read more about the business clusters and companies in the Turku region

Should all pieces click together and our candidates and their families find a place in Turku, the people of Talent Turku will be there to help in terms of arrangements and integration. Talent Turku is a platform and a network of businesses, services, training and immigration policy actors in the region.

What was it like in 2019?

The top six talents won a family trip to blooming Turku region between the 18th and the 24th of August, 2019.

As the idea of moving and settling in to a new country is always an intricate question, the possible partners and kids were invited as well. During the week-long visit, the esteemed guests made new friends and discovered what the Turku region has to offer in terms of work, schooling, hobbies, services, free time and nature.

Highlights from the Summer of 2019:

The trip program:

Monday – Introducing Turku
Welcome reception
Riverside Walk
Lunch at Panini restaurant
Company visit – PerkinElmer
Seikkailupuisto Adventure Park for families

Tuesday – Nature & Sauna Day
Company visit – Silo.AI
Trip to Vepsä Island with Finnish Sauna

Wednesday – Education Day
Visit to Yli-Maaria Ypsilon – School and Kindergarten
Work in Finland -lunch
Visit to Deliverde Puutarhat Oy
Dinner with local talents – hosted by the city of Kaarina

Thursday – Moomin Day
Company visit – Clewer
Lunch hosted by the city of Naantali

Friday – Maritime Day
Company visit – Meyer Turku Shipyard
Lunch on Ruissalo Island
Museum Ship Sigyn
Forum Marinum Maritime Museum for families
Farewell Dinner at E.Ekblom restaurant

Host during the trip is always approachable, impressive, versatile, innovative and stunning. That’s the city of Turku, Finland.

The 2019 trip was fantastic. And the best thing is that. In 2022, we go again.

Stay tuned and be among the candidates who win a family trip to the Turku region in 2022!

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