Andrius Dvinelis: New challenges for a young family

Andrius Dvinelis and Viktorija Zepnickaite visited from Lithuania with their son Vainius, who turned one while in Turku, Finland.

They found Talent Call Turku appealing because they are both looking for new challenges after almost a decade in their current fields. With a young child, they are also thinking of ways to improve Vainius’ prospects.

See the highlights from their trip:

Physicist with a heart of an explorer

Andrius is a physicist from Vilnius, Lithuania, with a bachelor’s degree in computing physics and a master’s degree in medical physics. He has been working as a medical equipment field service engineer for over seven years now. Andrius is the go-to guy when it comes to making devices, general IT and communication systems work. But he is a people person too: colleagues, partners and clients appreciate Andrius’ friendliness, honesty and teamwork skills.

Talent Call Turku 2019 winners visiting Clewer Oy

Andrius was very interested in all of the five company visits during the week in Turku. He was listening closely the company representatives and was often the one asking specifications. One of the companies that really left its mark on Andrius was Clewer Oy. Clewer is a wastewater treatment company that uses bioreactors and clarifiers for a more environmentally friendly water recycling process

– The CEO of Clewer, Jouni, is very passionate about what they do. It’s really groundbreaking and a solution for a problem in the world which not many people are aware of or interested in at the moment, Andrius said.

Andrius Dvinelis meeting Jouni Laine, CEO, Clewer Oy.

Curiosity, open-mindedness and love for nature

– I’m eager to gain more knowledge in and outside my work. The things I find most appealing about Finland are its nature, ecological policies and the social and education system, Andrius said before the trip.

Andrius travelled to Turku with his spouse Viktorija, who is a manufacturing scientist, and their son, Vainius. The family likes to go out hiking and swimming or watch movies and play board games at home with their cat keeping watch.

Adrius and Viktorija both liked most about the day trip to the beautiful Vepsä Island. They had a chance to explore the island, eat traditional Finnish barbecue and of course go to sauna and swimming to the sea.

Viktorija and Vainius enjoying the beach in Vepsä Island

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