Audrey Kow: Appetite for new challenges after a career switch

Audrey is a full-stack web developer from Singapore, currently focusing on front-end web development.  She is in the beginning of her tech career after a switch from the chemical industry. Six years in chemistry made her realize she loves coding and technology more than chemical formulas and reactions.

“I’m glad I made the switch – I’m enjoying every minute of my work as a web developer,” she says.

Audrey will fly to Turku from the other side of the world with her husband and best friend, Ryan, who is an HR manager. They share a curiousness to discover new foods and travel destinations, and a love for kids and pets. Long conversations and outdoor activities are also their thing. Audrey and Ryan’s pastimes seem perfectly transferable to Turku, Finland, with its clean nature and divergent restaurant scene.

“What draws us to Finland is its business friendliness, interesting culture and incredibly beautiful landscapes, which are great for my latest hobby, photography,” Audrey adds.

What she has to offer, in turn, to potential employers in the Turku region are her problem solving skills, tricks in JavaScript, Reakt and more, and her persistence – sisu in Finnish.

“I believe that learning throughout a journey is more important than the destination. I adapt well to new environments due to my adventurous nature and enthusiasm to acquire knowledge,” Audrey concludes.

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