Maris Staris: The brand of work-life balance

Maris is an advertising and branding professional from Latvia. He saw a Talent Call Turku ad on Facebook. The main appeal for him was that Finland is a place where you can have work-life balance. His wife Ilze, who manages web development projects at a bank in Riga said Finland appeals to her passion for sustainable living. Ilze said she was glad to see that even though Southwest Finland has large industries, the pace of daily life is not always a rush. They visited Turku with their two daughters – Sofija and Betija.


Building bridges between business and creativity

Maris has an academic education in design, and more than 20 years of work experience in the marketing field. As a creative director he has developed brand identities, advertising campaigns and brand communication projects to clients like Linstow Center Management. He’s able to lead projects from start to finish: from research, strategy and design concept to implementation, guidelines and analysis. The past two years he’s been doing creative directing of integrated marketing campaigns for Latvian State service digitalization, among other things.

Maris and other Talent Call Turku winners visiting Meyer Shipyard

Maris says that his mission is to be a bridge between business and creative industry professionals. He had the change to visit many different type of companies during the Talent Call Turku week. From all the visits Maris was most impressed by Deliverde’s brand. 

– They have developed a really good brand. There is kind of mix of modern elements like typefaces and colours and they had some vintage style drawings, Maris describes.

Talent Call Turku winners got to visit Deliverde garden and greenhouse

After several hundred completed projects Maris is looking for new professional challenges. Therefore, he applied to Talent Call Turku. He’s inspired by the idea of working with brands in the Turku region, increasing their appeal and popularity and hence, helping them reach their business goals. But he was looking for more than just career opportunities:

– This was a chance for my whole family to get to know the country, its culture, people and possibilities, Maris says.

Sofija and Betija playing in Yli-Maaria school and gindergarten

As one of the winners of Talent Call Turku, Maris visited Southwest Finland with his wife Ilze, who works in a bank and hosts splendid home parties, and two daughters, Sofija and Betija. Sofija is a potential inventor with amazing imagination and Betija a performer who lights up any room.

The family loves nature in all seasons and cherishes creativity in all of its forms. If stars are aligned, their hobbies from nature exploring to folk dance will continue in the shores and stages of lively city of Turku.

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