Soroosh Taefi: “In software, learning is a lifestyle.”

Soroosh Taefi: “In software, learning is a lifestyle.”

Soroosh is a senior software developer and software architect from Tehran, Iran. He has worked with several Iranian private companies during his 11-year career. Soroosh studied computer science and software engineering in BIHE, Bahai Institute of Higher Education.

“Since my graduation in 2010, I have taught in several computer programming courses in BIHE,” Soroosh tells.

His wife and travel companion Shiva has a master’s degree in computing science and is also a professional software developer. The couple has a shared calling for voluntary work and likes to spend time with neighbours and friends. They enjoy music, movies and hiking, and Soroosh also plays tar, the Iranian folk music instrument.

Soroosh believes that team work is the key to learning new things and reaching the organization’s goals. Those are also the main drivers for him as a professional: being a good team player, constantly learning and delivering what best fits the customer’s needs.

“As frameworks and technologies are developing so fast, learning new things has actually become a lifestyle for me.”

He and Shiva want to build their future in a happy, healthy and safe society. They already have some friends in Turku, so settling in would flow smoothly like Aura river.

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