Yllka Curri: Showing agility in and outside the office

Yllka is a software engineer from Tirana, Albania. She started learning coding on her own at the age of 15 from a book she found, with no access to the internet. She has been challenging herself ever since, overcoming any obstacle. Now, years later, Yllka has a master’s degree in computer engineering and a job as a software developer and team leader.  

“My strongest asset as a professional is my ability to learn new software languages, frameworks, and APIs quickly,” Yllka says.  

Another occupation she fulfils with all her know-how and heart, is that of a mother. Yllka has a daughter and a son with her husband Afrim, an accountant running his own firm. Artistic Sindi has taken over the walls of the family’s home with her paintings, while little Edon focuses on running and climbing up the stairs. Together the family likes to bike for a picnic in the park and feed the ducks – Edon’s favourite animals.

With a history of working in the information technology and services industry and experience in goal-oriented team leading, Yllka is ready for a career leap. As one of the winners of Talent Call Turku, Yllka is looking forward to exploring the beautiful nature and opportunities in Turku area.

“Finland is an innovative country where I could improve my skills as a software developer. With the best education, child care and health system, it is a good place to live and bring up children.”

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