Talent Call Turku Winners Have Been Chosen

To solve the shortage of professionals in the technology fields, Turku organized a global Talent Call Turku campaign. The winners have been chosen from over 1,000 applications. The winners will come to Turku in August with their families. They will familiarize with the employers of the region and get to know the everyday life in Turku.

The region of Turku will need thousands of new professionals to ensure the continuation of the economic growth also in the next few years. The competition of experienced professionals in the technology fields is severe around the world. As far as we know, Talent Call Turku is the first talent contest directed to the whole family of the target group. The campaign invited highly educated international professionals to get to know job and career opportunities as well as family life in the Turku region. The campaign is organized by Turku Science Park Ltd and the City of Turku in cooperation with Business Finland.

The Talent Call Turku -contest draw interest around the world. Six winners were selected from over 1,000 applicants. The winning families, who will visit Turku, are from Singapore, India, Lithuania, Iran, Latvia and Albania. The programme of the trip between the 19th and the 23rd of August will include company visits, and getting to know the everyday life in Finland including the public services and the leisure activities.

– We evaluated the applicants together with recruitment specialists from Personnel Ltd. In the selection, the emphasis was on the professional experience of the applicant and of his or her spouse. There were so many excellent applicants that we ended up selecting six families instead of five that was planned beforehand. In addition, we have started discussions with several applicants who were not selected as the winners. Our goal is to use this gathered “talent pool” to help in the recruitment needs of the companies in the Turku region, says Liaison Manager Pipa Turvanen in Turku Science Park Ltd, responsible for attracting international top professionals to the region of Turku .

The Winners have Plenty of Technical Experience

Many young top professionals in the technology fields applied to Talent Call Turku. A few rose above the others. Among them were Jinu and Meera John from India, Yllka Curri from Albania, Audrey Kow from Singapore and an Iranian couple Soroosh and Shiva Taefi.

– We got the tip of Talent Call Turku from our friend living already in Turku. We applied because we want to build our future in a happy, healthy and safe society, says Soroosh.

Applicants also mentioned Finland’s interesting business field, clean nature, a working educational system and the work-life balance as their reasons to apply to the competition.

– Working life is hectic in Singapore. Workdays are often over 10 hours long. Like many other Singaporeans, we try to strive for work-life balance to be able to spend more time with our families, says Audrey Kow who will come to Turku with her husband Ryan.

Four of the Winners Will Come with Small Children

Talent Call Turku -competition was targeted mainly to families with children. Among the winners, four families with young children will experience Turku in August. Jinu and Meera John, Maris and Izle Staris from latvia, and Yllka with her husband Afrim Curri will all travel to Turku with a family of four. Andrius and Viktorija Dvinelis, Lithuanian professionals in the medical field, have a son, Vainius, who will have his first birthday right after the trip in August.

– We are familiar with the Nordic culture and appreciate Finland’s commitment to cleanliness. We would be happy to relocate to Turku, says Jinu. They are familiar with the idea of moving and living abroad because their family has lived in the United Kingdom for three years.

Talent Call Turku is part of Talent Turku ecosystem, the purpose of which is to advance the attractiveness of the region of Turku among international specialists and their families. Talent Turku is a part of the national cross-administrative Talent Boost Finland programme coordinated by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment of Finland and Business Finland.